La Medea
by Yara Travieso

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“A modern-day Medea is mythology’s ‘Nasty Woman’”

CROWDS by Sarah Friedland

World Premiere at Ann Arbor Film Festival

QUICK SLICE by Lily Baldwin

Installation at New York Live Arts

Festival Programmer/ Producer

Mono No Aware XI- curated Super 8 Movements


Cucalorus Festival

Dance on Camera Festival

Movement Research Fall Festival

Long Legs Short Films at DCTV- 2014, 20152016, 2017


Music videos for The House by Paul Damian Hogan the Third
Co created w/Stephanie Gould


Baseball Show- Tiger Strikes Asteroid
Super 8mm, Video, and Performance

“The show brings together an array of astute work…the nine artists treat the sport not simply as a beloved pastime but as a cultural phenomenon worth examining.”
- The New York Times

Eclipse Series
Super 8mm

Dance film, deconstructed
Super 8mm Stress Drop

Hot Aerobics
Super 8 films


Verging on fissure, Tectonic Tonia steeps in chaos with a series of trembling, hushed home movies. Curated in Women to Watch by Lily Baldwin on Vimeo.


Super 8mm and 16mm class including shooting, processing, and editing for Mono No Aware